The number of travelers is increasing gradually. Also, the popularity of social media, mobile devices, and the amount of data which is generated has written exponentially. So day by day the transformation of data into actionable insight is becoming more and more crucial.

So, the extensive knowledge of Travel and Hospitality domain is combined well by SNVA LLC. with cutting edge technologies in order to provide the custom designed end-to-end data management services to the customers.

Innovative solutions are being offered by Travel tech which provides the insight into the business by integrating multiple data sources all by utilizing the proven methodologies, automated tools, established frameworks and pre-configured data models for the industry of travel. The All-inclusive Business Intelligence solutions offered by SNVA LLC. are:

  • Extendable logical data model and platform independent based on explicit domain requirements
  • Solutions such as Industry specific standardized and custom Analytical templates for reports, dashboards (like Ancillary, Reservations, web, marketing, and operational analytics) are provided.
  • Ready Interfaces with industry standard sources like GDS, SAP, DCS.
  • Analytics on Social trends through the connectivity with top social medium (Facebook, weChat etc)
  • Solutions which are tablet and Mobile technology ready are also endowed.

So, we have 10 years of industry expertise with high-performance blueprints.

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