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The world of technology is rapidly evolving, from the arrival of the Internet of Things (IoT) and by the adoption of Software as a Service (SaaS) in conventional in-house applications. The security threat landscape changes along with the technologies. However, many organizations produce and use their technology without taking any guidance or direction from Information security, IT, procurement, or risk specialists. As a Managed Security Services Provider (MSSP), we function in the capacity of our client’s trusted tied-up partner bringing our advanced expertise in the present threat landscape.

In the current digital technology field, where most information is available at one’s fingertips and can be accessed from anywhere at any time, data protection and data privacy are faced by many threats. Next-gen cybersecurity adopting a holistic approach—right from prevention to detection to remediation—is the greatest need at the time. We at SNVA assist our clients in strengthening their Cybersecurity round the clock through our advanced Security Operations Center (SOC). We also enable enterprises to set up private next-gen SOCs to properly identify potential cybersecurity incidents and take preventive action right in time. The SOCs help us address Cyber threats with an integrated and cohesive approach—one that utilizes powerful technologies such as AI, Machine Learning, Analytics, and Automation.

The SNVA Cyber Risk Protection Platform (CRPP) integrates deep analytics, automation, testing, and correlation across numerous domains of security with the basic objective of security orchestration and automation response (SOAR). With the world trying hard to foster security operations, our focus on automation boosted by SOAR helps us provide next-gen cyber security for our clients. CRPP delivers enhanced situational awareness and visibility across the network, endpoints, and the Cloud with a one-pane view of reporting data and data management. Cybersecurity is one of the main business requirements, offering a rock-solid foundation to support your business needs and transform your enterprise.

Through SNVA’s plethora of cybersecurity services, your team gets access to time-tsted and proven cybersecurity practitioners who are experienced and possess expertise. Our services, solutions and delivery models, including our global network of Security Operations Centers, provide greater visibility and quick detection of threats in your enterprise. Using our end-to-end services, we can drive your cybersecurity growth through all phases of your digital transformation — whatever your team’s level of cybersecurity expertise may be. We deliver cybersecurity tailored to individual business contexts and act as a team member in your cyber-transformation journey.

Our cybersecurity service offerings -

  • Virtual CISO - A virtual chief information security officer, or vCISO, is a professional who works regularly with organizations to provide many essential cyber security services that one can obtain from an in-house senior executive within a more affordabl, efficient, and reliable service model. You will receive day-to-day cyber security support and counselling from a committed vCISO along with long-term vision, program, policy design, security strategy, and implementation. vCISOs carry out an overall assessment of a company’s security posture to detect weaknesses and bring their security standing to an optimal level over the long-term. Functioning either as a long-term resource for your team or as an interim CISO, a vCISO will assist in establishing security standards, implementing controls, and responding quickly to threats—continuously evaluating your approach to address the evolving threat landscape along with industry regulations and best practices.
  • Security Awareness - Plan your security awareness program according to industry standards along with addressing regulatory and compliance requirements. A vCISO supports your business with knowledge and expertise in security as it pertains to your line of work.
  • Incident Response - Your virtual CISO will work together with your staff to draft a comprehensive incident response plan, which is an important aspect of the reduction of the impact of a data breach. We also provide discounted 24x7 network security monitoring, and address vulnerabilities before they become a concern.
  • Cyber Security Consulting - with our Cyber Security Consulting, we offer a zero-compromise solution that reduces new hire commitments while providing the executive-level counsel that your enterprise requires to succeed. You will receive a quality of service previously only available to larger enterprises. We’ll work together with management to best align security practices and policies with core business objectives to advance your business goals. You will be able to access a vast knowledge base during the implementation of cyber security strategies that synchronize perfectly with your business modus operandi. Enjoy on-demand and need-basis support from seasoned consultants who are able to step in and guide you effectively. We excel in providing executive advisory support, policy and technical implementation and vendor assessment. And we’re available on a one-time or ongoing basis to help you navigate through the security situations that arise in your enterprise throughout the year.
  • Penetration Testing - Our penetration testing team can pinpoint cybersecurity vulnerabilities before an intruder gains the chance to infiltrate your computer or network system. We’ll discover weaknesses in your network or within applications and can collaborate together with you to remediate and reduce the discovered vulnerabilities. We triangulate potential avenues of network openings where access might be gained through network equipment or internet-connected servers by individuals who are not a part of your organization and who do not possess the appropriate rights or credentials. We then conduct varying mock attacks to evaluate and test security controls. At the end of those sessions we produce and present you with a cybersecurity assessment on the results along with recommendations and solutions you can use to remediate the issue. We enable companies to reduce risk due to internal factors in their corporate network. While external testing investigates pathways that remote crackers might utilize to enter networks, internal testing analyzes ways employees or insiders might take to affect a breach through either malice, neglect, or the accidental download of an application, such as trojan horses or malware, which carries the potential to disrupt an entire network.
  • Network Security Monitoring - Our 24x7 Cyber Security Operations Center applies sophisticated intelligence to your business to pinpoint attacks against critical assets before they cause a data breach. We build in storage and continuous log retention into your system so that you can glean what is happening in real-time. We help you mitigate the risk of slow network response, unexpected downtime, and network intrusion with our singular layered approach to security. We go beyond 24x7 detection of threats and monitoring of security logs. Our services also contain threat blocking and security operations center (SOC) services carried out by security analysts who are certified. While some services stop once they alert you, our security analysts conduction investigation and prioritization of threats to determine if action is even required. If it is, we then take action on your behalf and block in-progress breaches to minimize damage potential and response time while keeping you concentrated on core business functions.

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