Salient features of SNVA’s chat support services are -

  • Provision of cost-effective pricing - We support both single-operator and multi-operator accounts. We provide discounts of upto 45% with affordable price structures tailor-made for single-operator and multi-operator accounts. We also offer discounts for small to medium-sized businesses with chat support needs.
  • Information Security – Our organization holds the ISO 27001:2013 ISMS certification. Thus we can guarantee that all your confidential data such as customer, legal, project, financial etc. data are completely secure with us.
  • Easy to customize chat support – We provide free-to-use chat invitation skins, chat icons, operator pictures, and header background images which allow our clients to customize the visual and aesthetic aspects of the chat window so that you can give your website a unique look and feel. You will also be able to alter the elements of the website on the visitor’s side.
  • Secure and reliable services – SNVA delivers secure 256-bit SSL encrypted connections for all chat support services. Thus we guarantee data security and decrease the chances of unauthorized parties from gaining access to live chat conversations.
  • Experienced chat support executives - We assign well-trained chat support executives to your business according to your specifications. They are timely in answering live chat requests and are capable of tackling multiple chat requests simultaneously. We also have a reserve of Microsoft Certified Support staff for technical chat support.
  • Real-time website monitoring and traffic analysis - We include a Live Chat Operator Console with our chat services which provides our clients with details from real-time monitoring results such as location, referrer, visited pages, keywords etc. SNVA also delivers detailed traffic analysis that assists you in planning effective marketing and sales strategies.

Salient features of SNVA’s email support services are -

  • Product or service inquiries – It can become very problematic to answer a large volume of emails when the business or organizations become popular. We can handle all your product and service inquiry emails with our sophisticated email handling software which can automate a large part of the process. Our experienced team predrafts several quick and attractive replies to make sales happen on the spot.
  • Order taking/fulfillment – Our research shows that customers prefer email transactions and communications to telephonic conversations as emails result in a comprehensive proof of each and everything with both the parties. Therefore our email support services provide well managed and accurate order taking that lead to an increase in customer satisfaction and increase the number of recurring customers. Our order taking services are based on tried and tested strategies and proven globally recognized methodologies.
  • Feedback/Response to inquiry - Our expert team of support professionals manage all your feedback and product inquiry emails on your behalf and ensure that all the emails are properly processed. We highly value the customer feedback and make all possible efforts to address each and every one of them on your behalf. Customers often send emails for the purpose of suggestions, feedback, or a response of some sort apart from product orders. We understand that answering those emails is of critical importance for customer retention and we make all efforts to do so.
  • Troubleshooting for services and products - Our experience with troubleshooting emails shows that it is usually much easier for customers to send an email with all the required information over email than over the telephone. Emails allow them to send attachments such as scanned copies, photographs, and documents that might be needed by the technical support staff. Our email support services handle all such emails and revert back to them with the required responses on your bEHALF.

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