SNVA's legal services include -

  • Legal research services – We support your decision making by providing the right factors and resources. Our years of experience in legal process outsourcing enables us to prevent your lawyers from engaging in expensive and time consuming exercises. Our online legal research services for clients and attorneys are undertaken by our skilled and expert professionals. They possess law degrees from renowned law schools, technical knowldege of how to find and capture the most pertinent data, and great enthusiasm for customer service. Our experts deliver customized results for each of our clients by working for one client at a time exclusively.
  • Legal drafting services – With the pressure of meeting deadlines, trials, client meetings, and court schedules, it can become difficult to take out time for drafting the documents that build up your case substantially. At SNVA, our legal document drafting services vary from creating court-specific documents and agreements from scratch, to copyediting pre-drafted documents to editing and proofreading documents. Our team of professionals also assist with analyzing the clauses of court documents and agreements to redraft them to make sure that even if they are applied in a different jurisdiction they hold the same meaning.
  • Contract abstraction services – We help you extract pertinent information from intricate clauses of contracts in an inexpensive way with our well-trained professionals, resources, and access to the latest technology. SNVA provides you with cost-effective contract abstraction services to tackle your contracts. With our services you can manage the data contained in those contracts effectively. With SNVA LPO you receive immediate access to a team of lawyers who are expert at extracting relevant and important information from clauses of agreements. They are proficient at extracting pertinent clauses with respect to termination dates, renewal dates, payment dates, and other similar options. People from various verticals of industries such as Consultancies, Insurance, Technology, Publishing, and Real Estate draw upon SNVA's LPO services and experience.
  • Electronic document management services – SNVA understands that creating coherent records and preserving those decision tools is laborious and burdensome. We have created our targeted set of electronic data discovery management services to assist coporate legal departments and legal firms in having greater control over their discovery processes with all the facts put together and distributed the way they want them to be. One of the main components of our Paralegal and E-discovery service is Elecronic Document Management (EDM) services. Our hi-tech EDM systems are equipped with all the required features that are needed for quick content management. Some of the main features of our EDM systems are management, retrieval, capturing, and swift database processing. They are capable of acting as stand-alone systems and performing all the document management functions in an automated manner. We help companies with their document storage, retrieval, and retention requirements. Our EDM system provides legal coding/litigation coding, keyword coding, database management, legal document review, and E-discovery drafting.
  • Legal transcription and legal typing services – SNVA is especially expert at delivering sterling transcription and legal typing services to businesses and legal firms around the globe. We provide high qualitty legal data transcription in the format which which you prefer. We also provide electronic format-based voice or video legal content so that it can be stored easily and made available for posterity. We fully realize the way a wrong interpretation of a single word or phrase can shift the decision of a court. Therefore our transcription and legal typing services are provided by highly-trained transcribers and legal transcriptionists who have a full working knowledge of all varieties of transcription terminologies.

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