SNVA’s Customer Acquisition and Retention services include -

  • Customized Inbound and Outbound Telesales Services - Our team of expert professionals will make custom outbound calls and also receive incoming calls as a part of your business outreach efforts. Our top-of-the-line Customer relationship management (CRM) system will help you stay up to date on every potential customer and their individual queries.
  • Lead generation - Our lead generation services will result in more certain appointments for your sales team. We research your target market, create a focused message for your brand, and ensure your value proposition is clearly defined when approaching new customers.
  • Online Market Research - Our team of expert professionals possesses great capabilities in handling a wide range of market research techniques in order to assist you in customizing your offerings as per consumer demands. We send out customer satisfaction surveys, customer opinion surveys, seminar evaluation surveys, employee surveys, mystery shopping, and blind surveys etc.
  • Multi-media Campaigns - A successful multimedia campaign requires a well-designed plan brought together with efficient execution. Our customer acquisition team will help you reach out to your customers purposefully and limit outreach efforts to the campaign timeline for maximum impact within a short time period.
  • Customer Retention Services - We have often seen young upstart companies drain customers away from established companies (this is part of simple competition). Our customer retention services are targeted to prevent this from happening to your business or organization. We design a last step and last resort customer retention strategy painstakingly and train our team to become familiar with it. We also train them to implement it on time before the customer or client is lost forever.
  • Search Engine Marketing - Our surveys and research show that more than 90% of potential customers search of the internet for any product, service, or service provider before opting for them with their financial capabilities. With our effective search engine marketing strategies we will assist you in targeting a wider demographic of customers within a short time frame so that you can tap that market potential at the right time.
  • Cross-sell and Up-sell programs - Our research shows that cross-selling and up-selling programs are 7 times cheaper to conduct as compared to new customer acquisition and 5 times more profitable. This is because often the upselled and crosselled customers bring in new customers through word of mouth. Our team is trained to launch extensive cross-selling and up-selling programs.
  • Create the right database - We work with many database providers to identify the best possible list of prospective clients or customers on the basis of past history and data analytics. Depending upon your requirements we can populate a database containing only local people, or a list of global targets if your capacities extend to multiple countries.
  • Employ omnichannel approach - Once we have populated the database successfully, we connect with the prospective customers through multiple channels. We not only employ telecalls but also utilize email, numerous social media options, mobile text/SMS etc. to maximize the chances of lead conversion and customer acquisition.
  • Powerful CRM pipeline - Our team of skilled and experienced software developers has developed in-house (Customer Relationship Management) CRM and marketing tools which are hi-tech, peer-reviewed and expert-approved, and powered by the latest technologies of the industry. Our software will allow you to avail a birds-eye view of everything that is in progress in your customer acquisition process. Through our CRM we can directly collaborate with your sales team, manage your leads, monitor campaigns, nurture business relationships and clients etc.

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