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We at SNVA have identified two trends which impact the media and entertainment industry to the highest degree. Those are digitization and convergence. Both compel companies to build new business models and change their approach to growth through innovation. The consumption patterns in this industry are changing radically due to popularity of free content available on new technology platforms. There also exists a growing demand for personalized content across multiple devices which has created huge business opportunities. We will help you tap into those with our expertise and experience.

SNVA’s end-to-end Business Process Management (BPM) services allow media and entertainment companies to keep pace with all the technological developments in the industry. We fully realize that for our clients, innovative and timely products/services, a superlative customer experience, and cost-efficient operations are the most essential requirements. Transforming a business or organization into a digitally operating entity has its own set of problems and complexities. We empower our clients to adapt to the digital world with flexibility and agility and differentiate themselves from their competitors.

  • Content distribution management – SNVA understands that with all the noise in the content marketing space, it is very easy for even high-quality content to slip into obscurity. There can be a great difference between content that is good quality, and content that is visible. This is why we help our clients market their content the right way and increase its visibility. We use an omnichannel approach to popularize the content through social media, Youtube, SMS/Text, telecalling, and by using influencers.
  • Advertising management – Our media team employs a tried and tested managerial process that is especially designed to control and oversee our clients’ diverse advertising activities. We seek to communicate with the target market of our clients and influence the media consumer’s purchase decisions. However, advertising is the most expensive of all the promotional elements and must be managed with great care and accountability. You can rely on our years of tried-and-tested experience in this field and trust us to deliver great results at very affordable charges.
  • Digital Asset management – Our digital asset management (DAM) services seek to make our clients’ media content relevant by centrally storing large amounts of their digital content. We help to increase the organization and security of digital assets and make it easier to search through them. We uphold brand standards while expanding content storage. Our DAM solutions enhance team creativity while automating workflows. We enable our clients to locate their media files quickly by utilizing our sophisticated search capabilties.
  • Inventory management – We create a centralized, purpose-built system for keeping track of our clients’ inventory, for checking live availability, and for placing orders and managing campaigns. An affordable investment with us will see you far ahead of your competitors in terms of inventory efficiency, arrangement, ability to sort, ability to manage, and effectiveness in delivery. We help our clients avoid risks related to inventory spoilage, theft, damage, and unavailability in a time of great demand.
  • Mobile application and web portal development – We at SNVA understand that media consumers have, in a large part, shifted to mobile devices for their entertainment requirements. Most consumers expect any media provider to have a website and a mobile application, both of which should be cross-platform, compatible with mobile phones, and have intuitive, standardized, and responsive interfaces. Our mobile app development team has a vast experience in creating applications which fulfill all those requirements from the start. They keep the consumers satisfied with robust performance while delivering high-quality content. Our team specializes in providing website designs which remain unchanged across different platforms.

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