SNVA's publishing services include -

  • Services of reviewing submitted manuscripts – Our team of expert reviewers have a vast experience in reviewing submitted manuscripts. They follow a multi-stage and multi-step approach to reviewing manuscripts. First they judge whether the manuscript should have a formal structure or an informal structure. Then they attempt to spot major flaws such as if the author has drawn conclusions which are contradicted by the manuscript's own qualitative or statistical evidence, or if the author has used methods which are invalid in the field of reasoning and logic. They check for the sufficient use of control experiments and the validity of questions – whether the author has followed a detailed methodology and included sufficient descriptive elements.
  • Services of copyediting the final draft – Our copyeditors are extremely skilled and seasoned because of years of presence and exposure in the publishing industry. They evaluate the final draft of a manuscript and correct faulty spelling, grammar, and punctuation, change incorrect word usage to the correct usage and make sure that the spelling, numerals, hyphenation, fonts, and capitalization are consistent. They weed out inappropriate jargon and move sentences to improve readability. They also assign new headings to content to ensure that the structure of the final draft is logical.
  • Full book design services – Our talented team provides a complete book design solution including custom covers, interior design, illustration, and tools. We can cater to any genre and any style of books. We've curated a set of custom typesetting designs and tasteful interiors so that your book receives all the embellishment it deserves. Our skilled book design artists are extremely enthusiastic about turning your words into gorgeous artwork. We will provide you with uniquely designed and attractive book or magazine covers which will be sure to grab the attention of your target market, be it a children's book, educational book, or fictional book.
  • Printing and binding services – Our publishing house provides bespoke printing and binding solutions. Our clients have a diverse range of requirements for their text's printing styles and binding approaches. We tailor our printing and binding services to each and every client's unique needs. From voucher or record binding to hardbinding with golden print to dissertation binding to library book binding to project report bindings to law books binding, we fulfill every domain you can conceive of. Our speciality is in offering printing and binding services for mass paperbacks with softcovers.
  • Promotion and marketing services – Our experience in the publishing industry has shown us that it is very difficult for authors to get the word out about a new book, especially if they are first-time authors. As a leading book marketing and promotion organization, we at SNVA possess all the tools to make your book popular at our disposal. We will give your book an excellent start by marketing and promoting it online and in physical stores to help build and grow a loyal readership base. Owing to our dynamic and energetic team of marketers and promoters, we are able to boost the discoverability of your new book in the market. We will also conduct promotional events such as book signing events, public quizzes, press releases etc.
  • Book distribution services – We at SNVA are extremely enthusiastic about helping both aspiring and budding authors and established authors distribute their books from the printing machines to the hands of the readers. For this purpose, we offer both direct-to-consumer distribution and expanded distribution (which is similar to traditional book distribution methods). From our warehouse, your books will be shipped out when an online retailer or wholesaler orders copies.

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