Some salient points about SNVA’s lead generation services -

  • Cost reduction – We evaluate your needs and then assist you in finding a balance between quality and the desire for low costs. SNVA is perfectly suited to recommend the most cost efficient domestic or offshore call centers for your needs.
  • Maintain control over your operations – Our professional agencies offer a wide range of features to provide the necessary control. These features include remote training, onsite training, remote monitoring, digital recording, and comprehensive reporting services. Thus, whether the call-center is halfway across the state or halfway around the world you always remain in control of all the lead generation activities.
  • Genuine agencies – There are numerous rogue or poor quality call centers that exist today. We utilize our direct experience with call centers and our knowledge of the industry to maximize our clients’ odds of success and minimize the risks of being cheated by rogue call centers.
  • Language independent - Some clients are worried about the presence of noticeable accents when considering a lead generation call center located outside of their immediate geographical area. But we as a professional lead generation agency, employ “Accent Neutralization” techniques through which we train our agents to speak with the desired accent – whether that is American, British, Australian, etc. This method makes your outsourcing activity virtually unnoticeable by your customers. In fact, many times our lead generation experts speak a language much better than the native speakers who call our phonelines.
  • Breaking the stigma around call-centers - We believe that outsourcing is good for our clients as well as for the global economy. International and domestic outsourcing is simply work that is being performed by the most effective labor source available (whether that is in Australia or in India). Our technological innovations allow for a much more efficient utilization of our professional team of lead generation experts.
  • Inbound lead generation - We help you to lead your target audiences to connect to your brand by generating leads both ways. We position your business or organization in the market in a way that makes your target audience come to your brand. We cause your customers to think that they have discovered the products and services that they want and need through personal research. Thus your brand automatically becomes popular and successful with them. SNVA can assist you with generating inbound leads with online advertising, social media marketing practices, and effective SEO.
  • Outbound lead generation - We understand that conventional sales lead generation techniques like telemarketing, spamming inboxes, and cold calling don’t succeed in the modern tech-savvy world. We help you make your brands and marketing campaigns sound genuine and personal so that they are more likely to be accepted by customers today. Our outbound marketing is executed with authenticity and precision and always produces good results.
  • Online lead generation - With good search engine optimization (SEO) practices, we ensure that your website gains a significant presence on the internet. By auditing your website and optimizing your website content we pull it to the top of the search engine results, especially when the keywords of your products and services are considered. SNVA’s lead generation services can also enable you to generate leads from content marketing, guest posting, and effective social media marketing. Through influencer marketing and social media campaigns we will bring your brand get the exposure it deserves and the exposure you desire, and thereby generate high quality and organic leads. We focus on an integrated approach so that your brand message stays genuine and unified across all platforms.

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