The word Receivable emphasizes that the payment is not being released; it shows the credit line introduced by the organizations. Therefore, AR or Account Receivable tells about the amount of payment that the company is likely to receive from those customers who have bought products and/or services on credit.

Your firm needs to have an effective Accounts Receivables process for meeting its goals concerning the cash flow. We, SNVA LLC. , are among the customized Accounts Receivable outsourcing services providers. It speeds up the duration for getting the pending payments back. We are instrumental in offering a wide range of services.

  • We offer bill preparation services
  • We provide revenue recording services
  • We maintain subsidiary receivables ledgers
  • We help our clients in applying cash received to customer accounts
  • We offer accounts receivable deductions management services
  • We prepare and deliver periodic statements
  • We issue refund checks approved by the customers
  • We deal with receivable transactions into the accounting system
  • We help our clients in resolving short pays
  • We prepare accounts receivable reports

Our professionals, who have been associated with this domain for a long time, will help you in improving your collection rate and in making your invoice processing faster. We have hired these professionals on the basis of their domain knowledge, analytical skill, behavioural attribute, and willingness to deliver. They start working after converting the AR process into a business function. The involvement of trendy technologies helps us in ensuring enhanced customer satisfaction.

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