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Our Accounts Receivable services allow our customers to handle key finance functions which affect cash flow flawlessly and are necessary for running a robust and vibrant business. We enable our clients to escalate their control over every account with persistent follow-ups on outstanding invoices and comprehensive reporting on the activities of the account. Our Accounts Receivable services expedite speedier payments and increased cash flow.

We provide a wide range of Accounts Receivable services to our clients across the globe and give them the option to outsource a part of or all of their Accounts Receivable functions to us to avail high-quality services at a low cost. We will manage your Accounts Receivable department efficiently and accurately, thus saving your money and time.

Accounts receivable services we offer -

  • Real Estate Accounts receivables services - Outsourcing this process to SNVA’s Accounts Receivable service providers will take the struggle from your real estate firm’s shoulders and put it on to us, the specialist service providers. We will ensure improved collection rates, faster payment recovery, and faster invoice processing, all of which contribute to improved cash flow directly. SNVA Accounts Receivable is a leading real estate account receivable company providing tailored services to accounts receivable requirements of real estate clients across the globe for years now. Outsourcing your services to us will help your business save valuable money and time. Since we have served the industry for so long, we possess rich, multi-domain experience and have a good grasp over every minute channel of cash flow in the real estate industry. Our team of financial experts and accountants is competent to handle all kinds of accounts receivable requests. We monitor tenants’ security deposits, tally cash receipts of relevant invoices and customer cheques, and manage move-ins, move-outs, and renewals among many other services.
  • Accounts receivable factoring services - SNVA is one of the leading providers of Accounts Receivable factoring services in India with years of experience. Our team of funding experts in Accounts Receivable have delivered support services to numerous industries and verticals. Our team performs cash receipt collections, payment collections, data entry of invoices, systemizing the invoices, streamline the consignment confirmation copies etc. Accounts Receivable (AR) factoring, also known as Receivable funding will enable your organization to sell its outstanding receivables against a certain capital to a factoring company. This allows the business to recover its Accounts Receivable with a working capital without any negative influence on the balance sheet. We provide proficient support services that will assist you in making the collections procedure of the cash procuring process quicker which will let you procure the cash from the consignment order. We will also provide a comprehensive analysis of your current AR factoring methods which will let you derive insights from your balance sheet, communication process, and invoicing process.
  • AR Aging Report Creation Services - SNVA is one of the leading providers of Accounts Receivable (AR) aging report creation services globally and has assisted clients from various industries with their AG aging report creation requirements. Our AR aging services enable you to handle the aging of Accounts Receivable in your organization effectively, accept online payments from your customers, send automatic reminders to your customers, and offer early discounts to customers that pay early. We will monitor unpaid customer invoices and the number of days that payment has been outstanding. We will provide you with information on the total number of invoices that are due so that you can get paid in a timely manner. We can provide accurate AR aging reports quarterly, weekly, or monthly as per your preferences.

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