Salient points of our customer services -

  • 24/7 Customer service – We provide round the clock customer service uptime with our virtual receptionists who greet and help your customers at any time of the day. We recognize that in today’s modernized and global world it’s always regular business hours somewhere and we help you tap that business effectively.
  • Web chat - We provide a free web chat widget for your website through which you can respond to your website visitors in real time. Our professional associates help them move past hiccups to purchase your products and services. We do the chatting for you!
  • Appointments - For those of our clients who make the use of appointments to deliver their services, we provide a great technological solution. Our instant customer service team will use it to uphold your full calendar.
  • Multilingual - We offer multiple language routing to help you answer your non-english speaking callers. Our call centers are distributed across multiple countries and we transfer your callers using an automated system to the correct call center so that they feel right at home.
  • Order management - For those of our clients who sell products online, we as customer service providers help your ecommerce shoppers navigate their way around your website. Our virtual receptionists increase your sales and decrease the number of abandoned shopping carts.
  • After hours - Even if you possess staff to take care of your customer service needs during your regular business hours, we can assist you with extending your availability. SNVA customer services helps make your after hours customer experience splendid.
  • Increased customer satisfaction - SNVA customer services has years of experience in providing exceptional quality inbound call center services and customer care support to numerous businesses and organizations. We have seasoned customer service professionals with the required skills and expertise handle our inbound call center services. They have significant proficiency in attending to inbound customer and service calls and effectively increase customer satisfaction. Our competent services lead to a decrease in call abandonment rates and an increase in customer satisfaction.
  • Latest technology - We have installed the state-of-the-art data and voice communication systems in our call centers along with dedicated high-speed internet connections to facilitate efficient inbound call reception and answering.
  • High standards are ensured - We provide regular training to our inbound call center staff and ensure that they develop themselves to always remain on par with the required industry knowledge, communication skills, and customer service standards. Our Quality Assurance team tracks all our inbound call center operations and makes sure that all operations adhere to the industry standards and norms.
  • Stringent quality requirements for employees - We have an uncompromising hiring policy as a part of which employees have to surpass our quality standards. Once they are hired, they have to enroll in a thorough induction and training program revolving around our security and privacy policies to ensure they adhere to our standards and quality requirements. Our specially developed witness software enables you to track our call center agents' performance across all delivery centers anonymously and securely.
  • Call recording - We have a 100% call recording policy and we provide our clients with all our customer call recordings from start to finish for research and analysis purposes.
  • Scalable and On-Time Delivery – SNVA customer services possess deep seated capabilities to scale up services in accordance with shifting client requirements, ensuring the on-time completion and continuity of your project. We also provide end-to-end customized business process optimization services across many business functions and industry verticals.

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