Introduction -

The digital tidal wave has pushed enterprises to bring development and operations out of their siloes and into better alignment with the rest of the organization. A wall has always existed between application developers and IT operations, and it has prevented effective and seamless collaboration. DevOps has risen to help tear down that very same wall. Disruptive trends, like mobile phones, Big Data, Cloud development, and social media are boosting the demand for well-made apps and services. And the main goal of DevOps is to bridge the precipice between development and operations to allow for faster and more efficient production. It functions by making changes on the fly to production software instead of in a test environment. This technique is commonly known as ‘Continuous integration.’ By adopting the DevOps approach, your business or organization can make basic processes programmable, robust, and dynamic, leading to a greater operational predictability, efficiency, security, and maintainability.

Our Devops service offerings -

  • Continuous Integration - DevOps Services from SNVA make it possible and simple for you to merge your code changes into a central project management repository. After this, there is an execution of automated builds and test runs. Thus, both Automation and Cultural components comprise Continuous Integration; its focus is on teaching developers to integrate often.
  • Staging - SNVA makes the Staging Phase of the software development process simpler and faster to execute. Staging is crucial in all software development processes since it is the last phase of deployment before the project moves into the Production phase. Staging can also be considered as an accurate representation of the production environment for testing purposes.
  • Continuous Deployment - The DevOps Agile methodology provides assistance in establishing rapid development cycles with an unbroken session of code production and deployment system. At SNVA, every code change passes the entire pipeline and is directly put into production. This leads to a large number of production deployment releases daily.
  • Automated Infrastructure through IaaC - Methodologies in operation at SNVA, such as Infrastructure as a Code (IaaC), makes it possible for systems to be provisioned automatically and coded for better execution. IaaC also makes the development process quicker and eliminates the human error leading to the development of well-functioning code.
  • DevOps End to End Test Cases - Implementing DevOps with SNVA results in higher quality processes thereby helping in better End to End Testing, which tests the whole system from beginning to end and ensures that data is passed between components within the system in an optimized way.
  • Monitoring & Logging Services - With SNVA, you can actively track, record, and monitor SLAs along with a magnification of key metrics that power the development process in the modern world. All this is possible only with our Enterprise-wide DevOps adoption and maintenance standards and platinum-grade best practices.
  • ChatOps - We at SNVA also offer ChatOps services to break the communication barriers between the IT teams and operations to decrease friction in the organization as much as is feasible. Essentially, ChatOps is a mechanism to enable the hyper-collaboration of Devops teams by utilizing Online Chat.
  • Gap Identification - Once the resources on the cloud have been successfully transferred and deployed, they are relentlessly streamlined with the purpose of enhancing the security, improving the performance and maximizing the ROI through the cloud.

Why go forward with SNVA -

  • Faster time to market - This is the most impactful benefit of our DevOps services, which is rendered feasible only with the help of Continuous Delivery, which can make software development and deployment up to 12 times faster. In a very competitive and ever-changing market, the time it takes you to reach the market makes all the difference.
  • Increased productivity - The DevOps development culture at SNVA promotes working together and working quickly. This is beneficial for the business or organization since it will add to the overall business success the ability to become competitive and foster an improved productivity.
  • Visibility to Stakeholders - Industry studies show that organizations that can successfully utilize DevOps tools and often experience greater levels of growth, advancement, profitability, market share, and organizational productivity. This enables the organization to metamorphosize their whole business management and increase their eyeball-attraction in front of the stakeholders.
  • Automatic software updates - Since the servers used in cloud computing are not on-premise, you do not have to worry about managing them on the front of operational and security software updates. This decreases the management costs for you and removes the hassle of keeping an in-house storage infrastructure up to date, thus leaving you with much more time on your hands.
  • Improved data ROI - Our DevOps services help you to derive better ROI from your data as you can start applying monetization techniques to it more quickly. All businesses collect data in modern times but only the ones who adopt an automated and agile approach find themselves capable of operating on that data and putting it to optimum use.
  • Reduced team sizes - Since resources are efficiently allocated and utilized and processes are very optimized it takes lesser manpower to operate your office. At the same time, employees gain motivation by the amount of trust that is put on them causing job satisfaction levels to rise.
  • Reduced friction - Since the development process integrates the Operations team actively, the friction between the operations and IT team decreases by a large percentage. SNVA realizes the importance of this fact and ensures that the end result always matches the requirements of the operations team. This leads to the resulting software being highly robust and pertinent and decreases the chances of a rewrite.
  • Better security - At SNVA, we integrate security from the very nascent phases of the development process. This is carried out by automating the security testing and compliance processes. As more processes are automated, the risk of security issues arising from human error is reduced. Moreover, we make use of tools, products, and techniques that are distributed and shared across different development and testing functions. This enables you to have an eagle’s eye view of the entire development cycle, making it easier and simpler to test, identify, report, and resolve the security issues.

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