Government agencies are perennially faced with the challenge of performing great tasks with limited resources. As a result, government personnel always face the problems of expanding their skills to improve their productivity and efficiency. Very often, these improvements are dependent on a critical component which can lead to an increase in the quality of processes. That missing component is the provision of training solutions.

For many years SNVA has been providing comprehensive, best value, and customized training solutions required to introduce an acceleration and change in the Government processes. We also help relieve the budget pressures on the military services in the Defense department, numerous civilian and defense agencies, and nearly all cabinet level agencies. SNVA has helped government agencies to develop scores of training and learning solutions. We are proficient in introducing cutting-edge methodologies after getting the approval from Executive Branch Level Leaders. Our blend of in-depth government expertise and best learning practices has held a key role in assisting government agencies to establish highly trained computing environments that support real-life global operations.

Features of SNVA’s Government solutions -

  • Special government learning discount to reduce the burden on tax payer dollars – We recognize that the government requires taxpayer funding and support to function. Thus we go out of our way to provide government discounts to agencies so as to reduce the burden on taxpayer dollars.
  • Customized training content based on the government agency's training need – The government agencies functions across a wide range of fields and domains and so it requires a lot of customization to provide services to them. We fulfill that requirement with our tailor-made custom training solutions.
  • Set up of classroom environment to meet the security requirement – We provide many educational solutions to the government employees and create a classroom environment to help them enter a learning school or college like environment. This facilitates greater comprehension and faster learning.
  • Special hands-on labs for your employees – We set up many practical exercises and experiments in labs so that your employees can test themselves against real-life situations.
  • Security clearance – Our team of well-trained and highly qualified instructors possess all the government training experience and security clearance to function as certification trainers and providers.
  • Information assurance - All Government processes require that all government employees and contractors entrusted with sensitive information should receive information assurance training and certifications. SNVA has addressed these requirements with its plethora of specific solutions mapped to support the desired compliances.
  • Microsoft Certifications: Microsoft provides a diverse range of professional certifications for IT professional government clients. These certifications are used to validate and authenticate an individuals abilities to implement, maintain, and support Microsoft Solutions. SNVA has partnered with Microsoft Learning Services to bring Microsoft authorized training solutions to our government clients to comply with Federal directives and initiatives.
  • Unified Communications - Unified Communications – Microsoft Unified Communications bridge the divide between computing and telephony to provide voice calling capabilities, video conferencing, and real time messaging to the desktop environment. SNVA delivers training solutions authorized by Microsoft to our government clients so that they can operate on the implementation and set up of Microsoft Unified Communication solutions.
  • Soft skills training – We at SNVA understand that high impact and effective agencies are not built merely on the basis of technical skills. There is a requirement of equivalent or higher level soft skills too. Our expert team of trainers have immense experience in the field of professional etiquette, presentation making, and soft skills. They will equip your employees with all the soft skills necessary to function well in the professional field.

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