SNVA's technology services include -

  • IT strategy consulting - We form a strategy that will bind together a diversified IT landscape and shape it to support existing business processes and drive new initiatives in the organization. We will form a new business-IT alignment plan to bolster business processes with IT and introduce new digital business models. We draft a more evolved IT operating model in order to improve the efficiency of operations. We provide an IT sourcing plan to compensate for skill gaps at a low costs. We outline your IT needs and ascertain which functions should be implemented in-house and which functions should be outsourced to a single or multiple providers.
  • Solution consulting – We help you in selecting the components for your solutions : platforms, applications, online services, and hardware. We help you in selecting future-proof architecture : serverless, cloud-native, service-oriented, microservices etc. We help you in achieving application reliability : Application performance management (APM), resilient architecture, persistence testing. We help you in planning Proof-of-concept (PoC) to validate ambiguous solution implementation aspects. We ensure solution quality : proper translation of business requirements to software features, test coverage, code quality, and manual and automated testing routes.
  • Service helpdesk management - We empower and enable the hyper-connected millennial workforce to work seamlessly from anywhere. We help them avoid compromise on productivity by supporting a diverse range of technologies and platforms such as cloud and mobile technologies. Our IT service desks deliver a high degree of speed, convenience, and personalization. We understand that a failure in this regard will affect employee performance and motivation negatively. We manage IT service desk contacts from numerous clients annually for dozens of enterprise customers. We are responsible for creating many new age workplaces and providing helpdesk support services. We specialize in helping industries migrate from older versions of Windows to Windows 8/Windows 10 in order to provide a consistent user experience across multiple devices. Thus we provide organizations the opportunity to derive benefits from the increase efficiency we bring into their processes through automation and pre-emptive resolution of issues.
  • Infrastructure management and monitoring – We at SNVA have built a batch of next generation Data Centers with autonomics and orchestration capabilities to aid in creating unified experiences. We have also created smart digital workplaces for the modern workforce, with revolutionary enterprise practices such as Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) and cloud computing to make the working environment agile and collaborative. We specialize in providing next generation network services. We understand that a modern network must be agile yet scalable ,open yet secure, and easy to manage while supporting real-time upgrades; organizations consider these emerging technologies, such as the cloud, a necessary part of their digital journeys. At SNVA, we take an experience-driven service delivery approach, joining the gap between advanced tools and tangible outcomes. We provide award-winning network transformation initiatives. Our service portfolio encompasses strategy, design, and implementation across a variety of requirements and demands from our clients.
  • Implementation of digital offerings - You should preferably use the state-of-the-art technologies and user interfaces for the implementation of your digitalization strategy. Therefore, we commonly advise our customers to implement web-based technologies using standard frameworks for the execution of the user interface. Hence, your users will be able to concentrate on the content rather than worrying about the handling of your solution - due to the responsive design highly tailored to every display size and mouse or touch operation. We foster the development of digitalized processes using the top-of-the-line web technologies and applying standardardized software wherever applicable. We provide project support for the software releases including marketing of digital upgradation and change management.

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