Introduction -

SNVA is a tech support service company which helps our clients gain the edge to perform well even in critical situations. Our swift troubleshooting processes and customized solutions result in elevated customer satisfaction. We have remote networks and well-equipped server management systems which provide safe, cohesive, and direct solutions for network communication. We also provide technical support to clients, buyers, and suppliers with uninterrupted access to a deep body of knowledge and information at any point of time and from any place.

SNVA’s technical support services drive customer proficiency through technology-empowered and escalable support. We offer services through our state-of-the-art and in-house developed tools. We provide operations and management, network outsource services, integration, maintenance, and deployment services. We also provide monitoring services for any other BPOs you might have in your employment. With our versatile technical support team, your customers will be able to avail very expert and proficient help and will be able to find quick and effective solutions to all their technical problems.

Salient features of SNVA’s Technical Support -

  • Omnichannels – Through our multi-channel contact centers, we offer inbound and outbound technical support and helpdesks through live chat, mobile SMS/text, voice calls, and email management.
  • In-house staff training – We make sure that our contact center executives inculcate an in-depth product expertise for your specific business needs and are proficient in your organization’s business values and practices, knowledge databases, and FAQs. This makes all customer interactions very high-quality and lead to all customer queries being handled properly.
  • Enterprise and consumer support - Regular and timely technical support analysis and evaluations are conducted to guarantee that exceptional service standards are maintained at all times. We are capable of providing both consumer support and enterprise support with the same quality of standards.
  • 24/7 technical support – We provide round the clock technical support uptime with our virtual receptionists who greet and help your customers at any time of the day. We recognize that in today’s modernized and global world it’s always regular business hours somewhere.
  • Web chat - We provide a free web chat widget for your website through which you can respond to your website visitors in real time. Our professional associates help them to purchase your products and services.
  • Increased customer satisfaction – SNVA technical support has years of experience in providing exceptional quality inbound call center services and customer care support to numerous businesses and organizations. We have seasoned technical support professionals with the required skills and expertise to handle our inbound call center services. They have significant proficiency in attending to inbound customer calls and effectively increase customer satisfaction. Our competent services lead to a decrease in call abandonment rates and an increase in customer satisfaction.
  • High standards are ensured - We provide regular training to our inbound call center staff and ensure that they develop themselves to always remain on par with the required industry knowledge, communication skills, and customer service standards. Our Quality Assurance team tracks all our inbound call center operations and makes sure that all operations adhere to the industry standards and norms.
  • Stringent quality requirements for employees - We have an uncompromising hiring policy as a part of which employees have to surpass our quality standards. Once they are hired, they have to enroll in a thorough induction and training program revolving around our security and privacy policies to ensure they adhere to our standards and quality requirements. Our specially developed witness software enables you to track our call center agents' performance across all delivery centers anonymously and securely.

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