Salient features of SNVA’s travel and hospitality sector services -

  • Location Analytics - Our travel and hospitality solutions make it very easy for travellers for finding relevant tourist locations in any particular city. We evaluate the traveller search data and locate tourist hotspots by engaging in travel analysis. As a part of our analytics services we generate a heat map of traveller feedback across different locations and visualize it on an interactive map. We provide optimized location based searches and give relevant information to tourists so that their satisfaction levels increase and the chances of them spreading word of mouth about our clients increase.
  • Online customer engagement - We aim to enhance your customer’s engagement by providing quick and responsive services. We also provide a localised list of restaurants or hotels with an interactive and fast map for customers to view online. We help you to captivate your customers in real time with mobile applications which offer convenient tools and intuitive travel information.
  • Sales and marketing - For the purposes of improving your targeted sales and marketing, we analyze geocentric data to identify the locations which are more popular amongst your target audience. We also analyze the customer spending trends and monitor them to improve your sales and profitability. We will improve your marketing by customizing your promotional offers and advertising expenditure on the basis of specific geographical locations that our analysis will identify. Through the same process we also find expansion opportunities suitable for tourism.
  • Facilities management - Manage your company assets and efficiently share secure data with them. Quicker analysis and decision making - Locate and manage all your company assets to streamline maintenance and deliver processes. Share secure data - Easily distribute relevant data across the entire organization for more efficient updates and task management.
  • Emergency management - Emergency situations, if not handled properly, will cause the most damage to your brand and business. We at SNVA understand that very well. So in order to reduce risks and increase safety we actively monitor and track security weaknesses for multiple restaurant or hotel locations at the same time. We do this to prevent incidents and respond faster to them if they occur. Our real-time processing enables operations managers and executives to receive and send critical information faster.
  • Accentuate your location data – We derive location-base insights from all the frequently visited tourist locations through our advanced geographic analytics tools. We provide those insights coupled with layered and precise information to you for improved services and targeting. Utilizing those external data layers like lifestyle data, affluence data, and demographic data, many aspects of business expansion can be planned and executed successfully. We correlate your business performance with several parameters such as gender, age group, literacy, income level etc. to obtain useful data points about various locations.
  • Scale and global delivery footprint - Our expert team of professionals have a very in-depth domain expertise related to the travel and hospitality sector. They have created several delivery formats to provide our clients with an optimized blend of affordable prices and sterling services. Our delivery formats include onshore, nearshore, offshore, and general formats. This allows our clients to plan their operations at a global scale with a vast delivery footprint.
  • Domain depth - Our global talent pool of seasoned professionals possess in-depth travel and hospitality sector knowledge. Our team offers our clients the required skills to achieve and exceed their business goals. We offer industry best practices, vast experience, and precise insights to assist travel and hospitality companies in achieving efficiency in their business operations.

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