Salient features of SNVA’s healthcare documentation services -

  • Improve collections and clinical outcomes – We optimize the data collection processes of your establishment so that the healthcare records are made faster and more efficiently. We try to improve your existing healthcare documentation so that your physicians can arrive at bette decisons based on it.
  • Augment your current programs – We analyze your hospital and health system and identify their unique needs by running simulations of their processes. We then help you augment your current healthcare documentation programs with our own flexible and tailor-made ones. Only our highly skilled and passionate medical professionals lead us to have such a solid confidence in our own services. Our competent professionals are expert at reviewing medical documentation, and help advise the physicians in how to make it more accurate.
  • Offsite or onsite – We have our own in-house centers in several countries of the world. We can transfer all your data, documentation, and medical records to our own centers to conduct offsite processing and healthcare documentation improvement. Alternatively, we can send our team of trained and experienced professionals to your hospital or establishment to conduct healthcare documentation improvement onsite as per your preferences.
  • Flexible staffing module – Our partnership begins with several onsite components in order to become familiar with your current healthcare documentation practices and other medical record-related processes. We provide many cost-effective options for you. We offer you the flexibility to choose what is the best option for your organization – offsite, onsite, domestic, global, or some other combination.
  • Increased physician communication - We help to make sure that everyone follows a particular set of best practices and takes the required time to comprehensively document an encounter. Our extensive experience in this field has shown that proper communication is the most difficult part to implement rightly. Therefore we make all efforts to make sure that everyone involved is on the same page and that all expectations are clearly defined. We set the correct communication pattern for your organization so that healthcare documentation is at the top of everyone’s mind and so that everyone works towards the common goal of improved documentation.
  • Improved Return on Investment - Improved healthcare documentation can affect many things which directly affect ROI. We establish a well thought out communication strategy which will improve performance and clinical outcomes. Comprehensive and accurate documentation will make it so that your organization is remunerated for the services you provide. The improved documentation that we provide will help to streamline coding efforts and reduce the number of errors made by recorders, physicians, and coders and the time spent by coders to understand documentation.
  • Helping the community - We assist you in preparing complete and precise reports of data from your establishment which you can then send to the CDC and other government agencies. This will improve the chances of those selfsame agenies giving your organization grants and funding. Another plus point is that improved health care documentation directly affects care decisions related to a patient’s case, both while they are staying in the hospital and down the line. We help to ensure that the healthcare documentation is of a high quality so that we can contribute towards better clinical outcomes.

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