CRM or Customer Relationship Management is mandatory for the satisfaction of customers in an organization. In any e-commerce venture or business maker, CRM is needed for better customer relationship management. It acts as a bridge to increase the flow of business by supplying total control on prospects, lead and turning them into opportunities.

The functions and departments are integrated by ERP which stands for Enterprise Resource Planning, that too in a centralized system smoothening the interactions among quality, sales, and many different aspects or operations. Also, it helps in increasing the flow of the business by placing the information into the rightful manner and helps in making it accessible in the standardized format. It is quite easy to implement a new CRM or ERP because ventures just need to pick a system which has a handful of features and are extensible.

Adapting ERP and CRM is not an easy task if you already have a huge e-commerce customer, product base and sales. You will be countering the problems at different platforms. Managing the models as a separate entity at different ends will be really hard for you. So, what do you think is the solution? Integrating different platforms for the easy flow of data from one platform to platform is the solution to the problem. By integrating different systems, everything is synchronized and updated in real time, helping to make the business and models more robust, agile and easy to manage.

Complicated systems like ERP and CRM comes with robust architecture and universal functionality. Feature upgrade or extended functionality needs a profound understanding of the relevant platform making it complex to introduce new functions.