Application Testing

If we talk about the present, with multiple functions which are getting computerized and integrated into the main activity of the business, Application Testing is getting more critical and complex.

SNVA Ventures assures to ensure the products, applications, and system behaves as per the specifications and also to remain secure and tightly integrated. Also, the experience that we hold in working with0020commercial tools is used in software testing. Our service of high quality has ultimately resulted in the higher overall end-user satisfaction of our clients.

Below is the list of how we categorize our Application Testing services:

Usability Testing:

In this, basic interaction between the user and application is addressed, which evaluates the issues of usability such as flow, efficiency, success rate and the aspect of user “help” functions.

Security Testing:

Testing for potential vulnerabilities are covered in this such as Manual Inspection and Reviews, Penetration testing etc.

Compliance Testing:

Agreement of the various compliance standards are addressed which could be industry-specific, country/region specific or function specific.

Performance Testing:

This testing covers the stress testing and load testing of the applications that could probably be deployed on the mobile devices, web, intranet and the evaluation of application performance under various environment characterizations including user activities, user loads etc.

Compatibility Testing:

Compatibility with the different versions of various connected components are addressed such as Keyboard, mobile devices, browsers.