Introduction -

Chatbot development provides the most effective and convenient way of streamlining customer interactions. We, as a chatbot development company , use the latest technology that allows us to rapidly build and use smart chatbots inside a wide number of channels such as Facebook, Whatsapp, Slack, Telegram, SMS and many more. We provide superlative AI chatbot development for various kinds of business enterprises. Utilizing professional expertise in tandem with cutting-edge solutions, we aim to boost our client’s business into the stratosphere.

Chatbots utilize Natural Language Processing (NLP) techniques to conceptualize and analyze human speech, churn out the suitable responses, and respond in human-understandable language. The main goal of NLP is to make communication between computers and humans as flawless as possible. With the present improvements in NLP technology, chatbots can detect the subtle tones in written as well as spoken conversation with surprising ease. Although chatbots struggle a little when it comes to deciphering similes, metaphors, and other figures of speech, progressive methodologies are being devised every day that will assist in overcoming these obstacles. AI powered messaging bots have completely transformed our work styles. These intelligent bots assist in cutting down the unnecessary expenditure of resources by carrying out simplistic tasks repeatedly many times.

Reasons for using chatbots -

  • Increased level of productivity - Chatbots increase the automation of procedures and enable you to decrease wasteful expenditure of resources. With the aid of these bots, you can stay connected with your clients and customers constantly. This leads to an increase in efficiency and enables you to connect with global customers smoothly.
  • Personalized conversations - Chatbots engage much better with the customers than live human beings because they can respond with more personalized information rather than giving an automated response. These bots can access a lot of information about the user from the company databases and thus they reply in a way that creates a constructive customer service experience.
  • Keeping up with trends - Chatbots provide an efficacious and optimized way of carrying out customer interactions. Keeping a sophisticated and performant chatbot at your digital frontdesk can enable you to take a leading position ahead of your competitors who are only now starting to understand the power of chatbots.
  • Generate leads - Bots compile substantial feedback from customer conversations. That data can be utilized to generate qualified leads, thereby bringing an increase in sales and bringing the sales cycle down.

Why choose SNVA for your chatbots?

  • Extensive knowledge and expertise - We possess all the requisite knowledge and proficiency to develop an excellent chatbot product that will exceed your expectations. We have full expertise in developing bots from scratch, using some of the most widely known frameworks such as Microsoft Bot framework, Amazon Lex, and Google’s DialogFlow.
  • A quality deliverable - Our process of chatbot development begins with conceptualizing the precise requirements of our client. We make every attempt to combine your expertise with our experience to deliver a remarkable product. Our team makes sure that the chatbot possesses the proper guise and smooth and fluent conversational flow to offer the best possible customer experience.
  • Quick deployment - We utilize a development framework that permits us to bootstrap a chatbot in a much shorter time than what is usually expected. In addition to that, our framework is incredibly flexible and fully scalable. Thus, you can begin with only one language or channel and increment to upto 10 in very little time.
  • Complete support and maintenance - Our product goes through stringent testing so that we can be sure that its code is completely clean and bug-free. Even after release, we keep our sights set on the product and offer uninterrupted training to the bot by setting up a database of the most frequently asked questions (FAQs). This enables us to expand the capabilities of the bot and enhance its intelligence in the most optimum manner.

Our chatbot development services -

  • Microsoft Bot Development - Our developers build conversational AI-enhanced chatbots that utilize the potential of the entire Microsoft framework and its development environment. These chatbots are extremely flexible and can be scoped to accepting a few simple commands or highly complex conversations.
  • Voice-Enabled Chatbot - From setting an alarm or phonecalling a number to converting your house into a voice-supported smart home, our voice-enabled chatbots will empower you to do all kinds of activities. Our developers also create voice-enabled bots with chat capabilities for an improved user experience.
  • Chatbot Testing - Our developers carry out both manual as well as automated testing of chatbots to ensure an error-free, innovative, and profitable product. They make use of cutting-edge tools such as Reddit, TestyourBot, Dimon, etc. to create an iron-clad solution.
  • Integration with ERP systems - At SNVA, we have a highly experienced and expert team that integrates chatbots with the client’s enterprise-scale ERP system. These systems are outfitted with analytical capabilities that assist in deciphering user reactions and convert them into actionable business insights.
  • Facebook Bot Development - Our Facebook bot development service empowers businesses to connect with millions of Facebook users in the most organic way. These bots track the details of the conversation, discover new user behaviors, and calculate retention rate and conversion engagement.
  • Whatsapp bot development - Our team of chatbot developers assists companies in building deep customer relationships through WhatsApp, the world’s number 1 messaging app. Our WhatsApp chatbots are backed by the WhatsApp API and use the most advanced AI technology to provide responses to business queries.
  • Slack Bot Development - Slack is a cloud-based collaboration and networking tool. It comes with a diverse range of APIs, with the help of which our expert developers build intelligent team-based chatbots. These bots can assist you and your team to work in a flawless manner.
  • Telegram Bot Development - Our Telegram bot development service provides you with a industry-grade chatbot for Telegram. Our developers utilize the latest tools and techniques to develop top-of-the-line products that allow you to seamlessly communicate with your customers in Telegram interaction.
  • Multilingual Chatbot Development - By localizing chatbots, businesses can overcome all language barriers effectively and connect with a wider user base. Our developers create highly performant bots that can engage in eloquent and culturally-appropriate conversations in the user’s local language to simulate the human factor and increase conversions.
  • Custom Chatbot Development – Whichever industry domain your business or organization may belong to, our developers assist in building industry-strength chatbot applications that are specific to your business requirements. They have a wide experience in developing performant solutions for industry verticals such as healthcare, e-commerce, banking, delivery, online food ordering, insurance, customer support etc.
  • Natural Language Processing - Our seasoned Chatbot developers are well-versed and skillful at creating sophisticated and intelligent chatbots powered by Natural Language Processing (NLP). Transform your customer pathways digitally by bridging the communication gap between your business and your clients.

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