Learning Management System


Learning Management System

The Learning Management System can have various roles depending upon the objectives of the organization, their online training strategy, and their desired outcomes. However, a common use of LMS (Learning Management System) software is to deploy and track online educational and training projects. Usually, project objects are transferred to the Learning Management System which makes them readily accessible for distant learners. We at SNVA offer built-in eLearning module creation tools which enable instructors to create online training materials without the involvement of any additional third-party software.

The LMS we provide is basically a vast repository where you can keep information in storage and track it too. Users possessing a username and a password can access these online learning resources from any location and at any time as long as they can connect to the internet. Users should also have the LMS software installed on their personal hard drive or access to the company’s servers in the case of self-hosted LMS’ses.

We enthusiastically serve both categories of LMS users – online learners who utilize the LMS to take part in in online educational courses and your eLearning team who depend on the LMS platform to distribute knowledge and edit the online educational content.

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