The concept of LMS or Learning Management System has emerged directly from e-Learning in order to identify training and learning gaps. It is a software application which was developed for documentation, administration, tracking, reporting, courses, training programs, and development programs. This management system currently focuses on the corporate market even though it was introduced in the higher education sector.

  • LMS gives accessibility, interoperability, adaptability, and durability.
  • LMS offers reusability and maintenance ability to the corporate sector.
  • The evaluation through LMS is easier.
  • LMS is based on student attendance and online quizzes.
  • The LMS management supports content in text, audio, and video formats.
  • The LMS materials can be re-used by the students and teachers as per their needs.
  • Through LMS, one can access materials from any corner of the world, in any hour of the day.

In today's changing world, eLearning is based on the Learning Management System. So, a person or agency that is engaged with eLearning is using this system. The range of beneficiaries includes the SME sector, non-profit organizations, government organizations, universities or other educational institutes.We, at SNVA LLC. , have come with the commitment of offering highly reliable Learning Management System to the individuals, education institutes, and corporate sectors.

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