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The global education industry is going through revolutionary changes daily due to a wide range of factors. Some of them are government regulations, new and emerging technologies, technological innovation, and others. In these rapidly evolving times, businesses and organizations who manage to jump on the latest trends at the right time will be able to take full advantage of the opportunities offered by these changing times. This is where we at SNVA can help with our extensive background in this field.

At SNVA LLC. , we leverage our enormous skills and immense experience in assisting the educational institutes in managing the education of learners in diverse fields and multiple age groups. We help them improve their curriculum offerings and make their technical platforms more robust. We also enable them to comply fully with the constantly changing and updated educational norms. We also provide learning management software (LMS) and custom software development services to augment the workflow performance and increase the student and faculty satisfaction.

Careerera is one of our websites and it is the leading education and training provider in the field of education and training. It has been providing a helping hand to professionals across different industries and sectors for many years now and has helped them to accelerate their development and careers in the global corporate world.

Salient features of Careerera -

  • As an education provider, Careerera aims at developing the overall personality of an individual so that they can progress into becoming highly skilled working professionals.
  • Careerera's faculty utilize contemporary tactics in order to deliver training sessions which include one-to-one interaction between the participants and the instructor.
  • The trainers appointed for Careerera's courses possess a very high level of expertise in their subjects and fields. Therefore Careerera can easily guarantee positive results for all the participants.
  • 24x7 guidance is provided to those who need it via call, email, or video call.
  • Candidates can opt for demo classes in order to get a good idea of the actual training sessions.
  • Careerera provides the online live virtual classroom training model in order to make it easier for working professionals to attend the sessions on one hand while balancing their work on the other.

Some of the highlight points of our organization are fields like Software Development, Project Management, IT, Quality Assurance. There are many more of such fields which can be counted amongst our strengths. Our curricula are designed in such a way that every learner obtains customized solutions for all their various needs from us. Many learners have been able to attain specializations in various fields and gain different kinds of learning from Careerera.

We are also the part of the university named ICASR which stands for International Centre for Advance Studies and Research. This university has been inaugurated to serve the demand of the skilled top and middle-level professionals in the industry. The courses of our universities are well-recognized by our universities.

Another part of our Education and Training endeavours is the International Centre for Advance Studies and Research,(ICASR), which is an Educational and Research organisation established in the United States and India.

International Centre for Advance Studies and Research (ICASR) has been setup with a view to serve the demand of trained and skilled Middle Level and Top level professionals in the Industry. All the courses of ICASR are well recognized by the industry.

At ICASR, our endeavour is to pick the finest students with potential to become thorough professionals, and hone their skills to empower them with holistic business and value perspectives that compare with the best in the world.<\>

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