The latest trend in the software industry these days is the adoption of open source technology. Companies are always trying to cut costs and stand out by presenting a different appearance in the worldwide market. Additionally, since clients in the modern world are looking for Cloud-based environments to develop their products and solutions in, there are many open-source cloud platforms like Openstack and Cloudstack which have risen to prominence. Open source adoption doesn’t just end at the evolution of software, but also entails upholding a set of values and principles such as collaborative participation, open exchange, transparency, rapid prototyping, meritocracy, and community-oriented development.

Application testing is a crucial focus area for businesses looking to drive business value, uphold and improve standards and maximize productivity. Businesses and organizations who haven’t accepted and recognized this fact need help measuring the maturity of existing processes, defining the best-suited solutions and facilitating agility and flexibility to meet the volatile nature of the market. When they need it, they come to us.

Our open source service offerings include :