One can hardly mention anything about business in today’s world without eventually mentioning the term ‘cloud’. Cloud technology has proven to be one of the biggest products and drivers of digital innovation and development over the last decade. It has completely transformed the way business applications and infrastructure are designed, developed, managed, and deployed.

Cloud technology enables the implementation of an infrastructure-as-needed approach and promotes seamless integration of metamorphosing technologies. Not only does it offer you a matchless level of flexibility, it also optimizes resources and improves the dynamics of scale. From improving scalability to increasing productivity to reducing operational costs and decreasing the time-to-market, there are huge potential benefits of cloud services on your business. There are many types of cloud services and providers including Google Cloud, Amazon Web Services, Azure Cloud, Software AG Cloud, IBM Blue Mix, and Alibaba Cloud. Whichever you require, we can assist you in getting the most out of them with our particular cloud services and solutions.

We merge together tried and tested top-quality agile software delivery processes with multi-domain expertise to help you speed up your business growth. We can assist you in becoming more flexible and agile so that you can carry out a wide variety of business operations and functions, even if your centers and operations are located at remote locations. We do this for a large number of different industry verticals. Our experts work directly with your team to evaluate and conceptualize your business needs and suggest the most appropriate cloud offering— Private or Public, On-Premise or Hybrid.

This talented and seasoned team of cloud computing engineers and consultants are at your service. They provide all the three major types of cloud offerings - Infrastructure-as-a-Service, Platform-as-a-Service and Software-as-a-Service. Together, we can work to assemble, manage, and execute your business processes with the help of these state-of-the-art, cloud-based solutions and services.

The cloud-based services we offer -

  • IaaS (Infrastructure as Service) - In this service model we provide the fundamental infrastructure of networks, virtual servers, data storage drives, and operating systems. IaaS is a pay-for-use service which is fully outsourced and is available as a public, private or hybrid infrastructure.
  • PaaS (Platform-as-a-Service) - In this service model we provide the infrastructure and software framework, but businesses can choose to design, develop, and run their own applications. Our PaaS solutions are scale-ready and most suitable for business ecosystems where numerous developers will work on a single project.
  • SaaS (Software as a Service) – In this service model we design and provide software over the internet to businesses and organizations who pay through a pay-per-use or a subscription model. SaaS is operated from a central location so businesses don’t have to concern themselves over maintaining it themselves, and is most suitable for short-term projects.
  • AWS Consultancy - Our AWS Certified solution engineers and architects help you build customized solutions through minute assessment and planning modules.
  • Devops Engineers - Our committed DevOps engineers lay down the framework for and operate the cloud infrastructure, decreasing time-to-market, producing error-free products, and increasing efficiency.
  • AWS Platform Management - We manage all AWS related infrastructure and databases. We evaluate and prioritize applications for AWS deployment, authorize the deployment, optimize your cloud infrastructure and establish security controls.
  • Cloud architecture - Our seasoned and expert cloud architects will enable you to build cloud architecture that is scalable, secure, and cost-effective. We can evaluate your current infrastructure and help you build the most economical and performant architecture for your IT operations.
  • Cloud Migration - We help you shift your online business operations including applications, data, and similar components to a cloud-based infrastructure.

The key features of our cloud based services offerings -

  • Resources pooling - There are different physical and digital resources assigned and reassigned which depend on the needs of the customer. The client usually has no information or control over the spatial location of the resources delivered but is able to specify that location at higher abstraction levels.
  • On-demand self-service - The user can constantly track the server capabilities, uptime, and allotted network storage. Using this feature, the user may track the computing capabilities too.
  • Large Network Access - The user can pull up the data of the cloud or upload the same data to the cloud from anywhere simply, with the help of an internet connection and a device. These abilities are present all over the network and accessible with the aid of the internet.
  • Availability - The capabilities of the Cloud can be altered as per the usage and can be extended significantly. We analyze the storage usage and permit the user to purchase additional Cloud storage if required at very competitive prices.
  • Automatic system - Cloud computing automatically evaluates the data required and supports a metering capability at many levels of the services. We can track, control, monitor, and report the usage. It will result in transparency for the customer as well as the host.
  • Cloud Security - The cloud network creates a snapshot of the data present in storage so that the data is not damaged or lost even if one of the servers becomes damaged. The data is stored in storage devices which it is not possible to hack or use by any offsite person.
  • Pay as you go - In cloud computing, the user is required to pay only for the services or the space which they have used up. There is no extra or hidden charge which has to be paid. The service is economical and many times some space is distributed for free.
  • Measured service - The resource utilization is evaluated by customized charge-per-use capabilities. This means that the resource usages ie. virtual server instances running in the cloud are being measured, monitored, and reported by the service provider. The model pay as you go is variable based on the actual consumption by the client business or organization.
  • Operational excellence - We assist organizations by implementing architecture with a test-driven approach in which we obtain data through benchmarking or load testing. Our team will initiate capacity planning to evaluate your workload efficiency and pinpoint the infrastructure and resources that are required. Depending upon your business scale and future expectations, we will build a cloud platform for you.

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