Cloud Services

At SNVA Ventures, no compromise is done on services and safety when it comes to cloud computing services providers in India. Commodity technology is not used by us. So, when you choose SNVA VENTURES for cloud computing services, what happens is :

  • Cloud storage services with SSD hard disk is brought for you by SNVA Ventures which will help to create your application load much quicker. Also, high presentation for databases and I/O- intensive app are presented by solid state drive (SSD) volumes.
  • The processor of Intel® Xeon® processor @2.60 GHz Hypervisor CPU is set by us which will help in making the processing speed faster and multiple operations without any interruption.
  • Every disk present in RAID 10 configurations are mirrored which is beneficial for data improvement. The Presentation is provided by it and is considered as an excellent option for I/O- intensive application since, the copying of all the data is required from the surviving mirror, and the reconstructed time is very quick.
  • Modification and growth, that is all required for data warehouse requirement. You can resize your cluster to construct the excellent utilization of cloud solution and storage options without any downtime.

SNVA Ventures is that organization which contains the ability of cloud infrastructures. Services and capabilities here are maintained in order to present you the intact IT infrastructure in the cloud.