SNVA’s Human Resource Outsourcing services -

  • Payroll and compliance services – We process wage data for generating contribution fines. We provide timely remittance of statutory contributions online. We maintain relevant statutory registers and various other records properly. We handle transfer-out, transfer-in, and settlement of EPF accounts. We provide assistance to the employees in filing and processing applications for receiving the rightful benefits. We enable clients to efficiently handle inspections by authorities.
  • Training and assessment services - Design learning plans that enable the effective development of skills and impartment of knowledge. Access the latest thinking on learning engagement and recognise the importance of adult learning theory. Learn how to interpret a unit of competency to create learning programs and assessment tools. Become a more confident presenter and facilitator of learning. Practise more effective ways of supporting workplace learning. Participate in the validation of assessment activities to enable the strengthening and improvement of assessment practice.
  • On-boarding new hires - We provide new employee onboarding by integrating a new employee with an organization and helping him settle into its culture. We also provide the new hire with the tools and information needed to become an able employee for the organization. We make the onboarding process a strategic process that goes on for at least one year. We understand that a new employee’s experience in the first few months is crucial to establishing high retention. That is why we design a plan of action along with the upper management to enable new employees to rapidly assimilate the company policies and workflow.
  • Appraisal management - Our systematic appraisal system assists the organization’s managers to accurately evaluate the performance of employees in a methodical way and identify the areas in which they are lacking and their areas of talent. It enables the management to assign the right employees for the right jobs based upon their skills in certain areas. Our method is to give potential employees promotions based upon the results of their performance appraisals. Employees who get higher ratings are given promotions.
  • Creating new salary slabs - We draw upon a wide range of commercially-available salary survey sources that contain salary information for different industries and a variety of positions. The surveys provide a listing of “benchmark jobs.” Once we identify benchmark jobs that match the positions under consideration in your organization, we extract the market rate data for further analysis based on statistical comparisons. We analyze the dollar and percentage differences that exist between the amounts that employees are paid at your organization and what the existing market rates are for similar positions.
  • Risk management - We help organizations to implement a risk management plan and consider the different probable events or risks before they occur so that the organization can protect their future and save money. Our rock-solid risk management plan will assist a company in establishing procedures which will help avoid probable threats, minimize the damage they do should they occur, and cope with the results. Our capabilities of understanding and controlling risks helps organizations to be more optimistic in their decision making. Also, clear corporate governance principles that revolve around risk management specifically can help an organization achieve its goals much faster.
  • Safety management - We assume the safety, health, and security responsibilities within organizations. Our responsibilities entail identification of unsafe and dangerous conditions and practices, exposure and transmission control and mitigation strategies, development of a safety culture, legal compliance, and heasurement of safety, health, and security program effectiveness. We include the employees of the organization in our programs through safety committees.

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