What we do


If you are facing issues like: your business is not working in synchronisation, you are failing to analyse/predict business performance, your procurement/projects are getting delayed, you are struggling with managing the vendors and the audit trail, then you have come to the right platform. SNVA Ventures can help your business with products like PBX, LMS, ERP & CRM, Travel Tech, E Commerce, Point of Sale, Enterprise Mail, and Enterprise Chat. PBX or Private Branch Exchange provides a form of a private telephone network that companies or organisations use internally, it allows you to have a greater number of operational phones than standard physical phone lines (PTSN) and allows nonchargeable calls between users. The LMS we provide is basically a vast repository where you can keep information in storage and track it too. ERP software integrates various functions of a business or organisation such as inventory, accounting, order management, customer relationship management, human resources etc. Our effective CRM strategy includes a whole range of activities such as product design and customer-centric services.