Top Cloud Computing Trends

One of the biggest and constant challenges in today's ever-evolving technological era is to keep up with the latest and newest trends. These rapid innovations constantly reshape the way humans interact with technology. Cloud computing is one of the emerging technologies that has brought numerous transformations in the human-technological interaction, and staying abreast of this ever-evolving realm has become an imperative. Here is a list of the top cloud computing trends that any tech or cloud-enthusiast must be aware to stay ahead of the curve. 

AIaaS (Artificial Intelligence as a Service):  Cloud solutions have actively integrated artificial intelligence, giving way for significant growth and transformation. Organizations are increasingly opting for AIaaS and shifting away from the traditional AI infrastructure. The future is projected to see the rise in enterprises harnessing the transformative power of AI without the need and burden for managing resources as they migrate to AIaaS that offers per-built AI tools, APIs and Models hosted on cloud platforms. 

Serverless Architects: Another one of the major cloud computing trends is the expansion of serverless architects or computing, which is projected to offer revolutionary methods for software development and deployment. The serverless architect / serverless computing is poised to compound the annual growth rate (CAGR) of 23.17% from 2023 to 2028. This projection is based on the improved scalability, reduced costs of deployment and quicker marketing time. 

Multi-cloud Strategies: Enterprises across the globe are gaining access to an unparalleled flexibility and resilience with the adoption of multi-cloud strategies. The increase integration of cloud-native applications and the multi-cloud strategy offers enterprises with an array of services and advantages of flexibility, enhanced security, scalability, enhanced practices, regulatory compliance and risk reduction. Multi-cloud strategies enable organizations to prevent vendor lock in, making it highly popular among enterprises. 

Edge AI Computing:  Edge AI has risen as a better option for real-time data processing and prediction. This is another one of the top cloud computing trends that has gained traction that enabled organizations to do away with the need to transmit data constantly to a central location. This emerging cloud computing trend allows storing of data close to the device location, and the AI algorithm enables the processing of data right on the network edge, with or without an internet connection. 

Sustainable Cloud Computing: The concept of cloud sustainability, which entails cloud services to attain sustainability in economic, social and environmental systems, have gained momentum and significant traction. The concept refers to the cloud service providers' practice of sustainable operation and delivery of cloud services and the organization's sustainable consumption and utilization of cloud services. Green computing covers an array of environmentally conscious practices all through the life cycle of computers and technological components. This practice includes conscious designing, manufacturing, usage and disposal to ensure meeting the goal of mitigating carbon emissions and energy consumption at every stage. It also entails prioritizing the practice of using sustainably sourced materials, reducing electronic wastes, and promoting the adoption of renewable resources.  

It's crucial that organizations today stay abreast and embrace these rising cloud computing trends to thrive in the dynamic technological landscape. 


Alok K Singh 

Co-founder, SNVA Group