Kolkata is not only rich in its culture, events, and festivals but also in the variety and flavour of street food. If you've looked into Kolkata's cuisine, you know how diverse and broad it is. Kolkata is a blend of many food traditions from around the world, each food item has its own history. The city is currently among the greatest food destinations around the globe. You heard us right, Kolkata is one of the places every foodie must visit in 2023. We would advise you to travel to Kolkata so you may take advantage of the delicacies it has to offer.

Now that you know it is one of the world's must-try cuisine locations. Here is a summary of some of Kolkata's most well-liked delicacies to assist you in that. Be assured that you will go beyond Macher Jhol, Kosha Mangsho, and Mishti Doi with this list.

  1. Puchka

Food tours seem incomplete without having few street food items and what better to begin with than Puchka? The aloo filling here is hotter and mixed with different Masalas, Sprouts, and Imli puri. Unlike the other varieties, a traditional Pucka has hot and sour flavors. Vivekananda Park is the location in Kolkata where every single Puchkawala creates a Puchka that is to die for. The Papri Chaat, Dum Aloo Puchkas, and Dahi Puchka are among other street foods from Kolkata.

2. Kathi Rolls:

Did you know that Kolkata is where the now-famous "Kathi Rolls" was first created? The delicious stuffing wrapped in thin roti that is now common in every city is the creation of this store by the name of Zaika. The original and genuine Kathi Rolls can still be found at Zaika, despite changes and modifications as they spread across cities. Must visit Kusum’s and Hot Kathi Roll on Park Street.

3. Tele Bhaja

A delicious evening snack is a must and what better companion for your evening tea than Teli Bhaja. Tele Bhaja is a Bengali-style fritter (Pakoda) made with Onion, Potato, fish, chicken, mutton, and many more. A 50- year old man sells the best tele bhaja on college street. You can also visit Gariahat and Fairlie Place to enjoy some delicious Tele Bhaja.

4. Desi Chinese

Kolkata has a population of almost 20,000 Chinese, which has drastically decreased, but the city has not lost its Chinese food culture yet. People travel from all over to experience authentic Chinese cuisine, especially during the Chinese New Year when the area is decorated with tiny dragons on the shops and houses and Chinese hangings throughout. There is an Indian version of Chinese, the most popular Chinese preparation is a breakfast of rice dumplings and soup. However, for this one, you'll have to wake up early. Eating hours start from 4 am and last till 7 am.

5. Kulfi

Kulfis are not only loved by children but by adults too. Do you really believe that Kulfis had a standard shape, flavour, and size? If yes then, you must pay a visit to the most hyped Kulfiwala on Camac Road. The person who runs the shop keeps a box of dry ice close to his basket of tasty things to put his delicious kulfis in. The majority of the crowd is from colleges. Along with the Kulfiwala, you’ll get a variety of street food nearby.  Our three favourites are the mango, sitaphal, and chikoo kulfi.